Webinar: The 2024 Police Protocol : disclosure of information between family and criminal agencies and jurisdictions

29 April 2024 5pm Online Register here

The new Disclosure of Information between Family and Criminal Agencies and Jurisdictions Protocol came into effect on 1 March 2024, replacing the 2013 Protocol and Good Practice Model.

The Protocol relates to all private and public family law proceedings, including contemplated public law proceedings, and all material held by the police. This Protocol is a national protocol and will be implemented by all police forces within England & Wales.

We are delighted that Cliona Lawson-Wood, Head of Family Disclosure for the Metropolitan Police Service has agreed to present this "need to know" session. Cliona will set out the changes that have been made, what practitioners need to be aware of when requesting disclosure, the court orders needed and how best to obtain the information that you want for your cases.

This webinar is highly recommended for all practitioners working in the field of public and private law children work.

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