About us

The Association of Lawyers for Children is a national association of lawyers and allied professionals working in the field of children law.

The ALC exists to promote and secure justice for children and young people within the legal system in England and Wales. Within that framework, its aim is to develop and improve the practice of lawyers in meeting the needs of children who become involved in legal processes by promoting standards of best practice and interdisciplinary training. The ALC has an outstanding reputation for promoting the voice of the child.

The ALC is active in

  • lobbying in favour of establishing properly funded legal mechanisms to enable all children and young people to have access to justice;
  • lobbying against the diminution of such mechanisms in particular, against any reduction in standards of representation for children;
  • campaigning and advocating against any form of discrimination which may affect children within the family justice system;
  • intervening in cases where the wider issues under consideration are relevant to our membership’s aims and interests;
  • providing high quality legal training, focusing on the needs of lawyers concerned with cases relating to the rights, welfare, health and development of children;
  • developing a network of childcare lawyers across the country, providing a forum for the provision and exchange of information and views on the development of the law in relation to children and young people;
  • being a reference point for members of the profession, governmental organisations and pressure groups interested in children law and practice;
  • funding or co-funding research where we perceive gaps in knowledge or evidence relating to changes in policy and practice in children proceedings; and
  • responding to consultations issued by both Government and non-Governmental organisations on diverse issues arising for children and young people.