Join the Committee

Have you ever thought about joining the Executive Committee and channelling your enthusiasm, skills and energy on behalf of the entire Association and all those we represent?

The ALC is an increasingly influential voice on behalf of children’s lawyers and the interests of our clients. Much of the work of the Association falls to a small number of people on the Executive Committee and our Administrator. For the Association to prosper it routinely needs new volunteers committed to further the interests of those the Association serves.

The Executive Committee meets at least three times a year although most work takes place outside of those meetings. Ordinary committee members are usually expected to lead in a particular field and/or to chair a sub-committee. A role on the Executive Committee can be challenging, stimulating yet immensely rewarding. Having a set of able and committed candidates is crucial to the success of the Association.

If you wish to apply to join the committee, please contact who will advise of any vacancies and the application process.