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Guidance - Anonymisation of Children Judgments

Guidance in the anonymisation of children judgments builds on a stream of work regarding the privacy, welfare and safeguarding needs of subject children in the context of a ‘transparency’ agenda for family courts. The document builds on findings from a review of children judgments on BAILII commissioned by the ALC and NYAS regarding geographical/personal identifiers in judgments and potential for jigsaw identification of children, and concerns about explicit descriptions of the sexual abuse of children in a document placed in the public domain.

It aims to offers a practical way to support judges in securing the child’s anonymity, by way of two checklists. Work also explored available policy, practice and views regarding children judgments in some similar common law jurisdictions.  The project was funded by the Nuffield Foundation and supported by the President of the Family Division and it aims to assist him in moving forward in this complex field.

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