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PRESS RELEASE: New Co-Chair and Child Protection

Piers Pressdee, a barrister at Harcourt Chambers, has been elected as Co-Chair of the Association of Lawyers for Children at its annual conference in Southampton that took place on 13th-15th November 2008.

The ALC Annual Conference took place amid the public outcry that has marked the tragic news of Baby P and following the Government’s announcement of a further review of child protection systems in England and Wales. Speaking in his new role as ALC Co-Chair, Pressdee said:

“We will watch the review closely, but let’s not wait for it to tell us what is already utterly obvious. The system failed Baby P. That child should have been subject to care proceedings, which would have given him a voice and ensured that his welfare was paramount. His interests should have been independently represented by a court-appointed Guardian and an expert children lawyer, and his case should have been under the overall control of a judge grounded in family law with time enough to deal with his case properly."

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